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Booth No. D3

Protein. It’s an essential part of diets worldwide.
And as the world’s population continues to grow, demand for a variety of animal protein sources will remain front and center.

This is where U.S. Soy plays an essential role. U.S. soybean meal is a vital component of feed, providing protein, and nutrient requirements for animal diets. As demand for plant and animal protein is on the increase, U.S. Soy is providing transparent, sustainable solutions for improved nutrition.

Better global nutrition means increased food security, stronger communities, and healthier economies. That’s the kind of multiplier impact we can make with U.S. Soy.

Booth No. B1

We sell egg and fruit packaging to producers, packing businesses and retail chains, all of which are increasingly turning to us to benefit from our expertise, both technically and in branding and selling their products. Our moulded fibre packaging is sold in markets all over the world with Europe, South America and North America as our key markets. We are a market leader in Europe and in South America and India, where our product portfolio also includes fruit packaging.

Booth No. C22

Starmax serves its customers with a wide range of products ranging from farm-type solutions to turnkey projects.

✔ Cattle, sheep and poultry feed production facilities

✔ Farm type mini feed mill plants

✔ Biofuel pellet production lines

✔ Wood, sawdust, straw and alfalfa pellet lines

✔ Organic fertilizer pelleting plants

✔ Automated tmr feeding centers

✔ Compact type rendering systems

✔ Spices pulverizer machineries

Booth No. C3

We possess the capability to deliver a wide range of animal feed, wood and biomass pellet plants and our experience of over 25 years in this field enables us to manufacture top quality products.

Booth No. C18

Amo Byng Nigeria Limited was established in 1987 to produce high quality Feed Concentrates, and Finished feeds. We supply our products to farmers all over the country and in West Africa.

Booth No. B18

Since 1921, Hubbard has been a worldwide reference for broiler breeding stock. Our company supplies day-old grandparent and parent stock chicks all over the world in order to produce chicken meat.

Always with the goal of offering improved products to our loyal and well recognized customers, Research & Development is our core business and the continuous investments in new available technologies have proven to be key.

Our commitment is to offer you the widest range of products covering all your needs, ranging from fast growing and cost efficient broilers (Conventional range) to high value specialty (Premium range) chickens. No doubt you will find your product needs with us.

All our genetic programs are designed and dedicated to meet the growing challenges of our civilization by providing efficient, healthy and tasty chicken meat for the world’s growing population.

Booth No. E11

Feed cost represents the biggest input for livestock farmers, often accounting for up to 70%of production costs, it is important to make sure that each bite of feed is nutritionally maximized. Our goal is to use our extensive knowledge and advanced product portfolio to reduce production costs, optimize your animal nutrition and wellness while ensuring higher profitability for your business. Despite the nature of your operations, be it feed milling or consulting veterinarian/nutritionist or livestock farming; we have got you covered with our science-backed and evidence-based solutions.
We understand that a good balance of protein, energy, vitamins, and all nutritionally important minerals in diets is needed to make a successful nutrition program that is both productive and economical.

Booth No. F12

We, Intracin Pharmaceutical Private Limited, incorporated our operations in the year 1977, as one of the WHO-GMP Accredited manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers and traders of an extensive assortment of veterinary injections. Our product range consists of veterinary injections.

Booth No. D9

Impextraco ensures you get feed additives and ingredients that enable you to meet today’s demands for healthy and safe food products.

Booth No. C2c

Feeding the world with proven poultry and egg production systems.
Chore-Time’s products are Made to Work. Built to Last.

Booth No. C21

Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited has a Vision to be the market leader in the Day Old Chicks market; through exceptional quality products and services that will guarantee profitable poultry farming.     

The Company produces high-quality Day-Old Chicks and Point of Cage Pullets. Over the years, we have remained focused on our main objective to produce high quality chicks, in a highly hygienic environment leveraging innovative solutions grounded in Research and Development.

Booth No. D2A

Freshlink Projects and Agro-Resources Limited is a private Limited liability company established under the company laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
We are a Poultry Resource company involved in Agency and Consultancy Services, Contract growing and distribution of poultry products and equipment.

Booth No. C5

Aytav has become one of the firsts of our country as a follower of technologies in the world and has become one of the firsts of our country by developing its field of expertise.

Booth No. D4-D5
Equipment supply to animal husbandry represents the deepest root of the group activity, and the sector in which its longest history has given birth to a wide-ranging and well-structured production and commercial organisation worldwide.

Booth No. E14

Chi Farms Ltd. is an integrated poultry farm with breeding operations and processing of commercial broilers. We offer Parent Stock of layer and broiler lines to other hatcheries in Nigeria. We hatch and distribute commercial pullets and broilers, and offer post-sales technical services to customers. Chi Farms produces and processes broilers, sausages and hamburgers for fast foods, restaurants, hotels, catering services, and supermarkets in Nigeria.

Vanke Poultry Equipment
Booth No. F18-19

The lifespan of VANKE chicken cage are 5 years higher than local making, paying morning, afternoon delivery, paying afternoon, second day delivery, now Vanke has 4 installation team of chicken cage and poultry equipment, Workers arrive same day with goods and starting installation working.

Booth No. B2

WVL is a global trading company with an active presence in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.We have pioneered and specialized in supplying Nigeria and West African clients with globally sourced products and services that are critical to laying the foundations for a modern economy, as well as distribute raw and processed agricultural produce from West Africa to the world.

Booth No. D15

e provide high-quality, cost-effective products and professional services to many customers in North America, South America, Europe, southeast Asia and other regions. We are committed to delivering high-quality raw materials and innovation from China to every corner of the world.

Booth No. F 26

WVEPAH has developed a combined offer of courses that can be adapted to suit as many people as possible, enabling you to benefit from each of the teaching methods at our disposal.


Booth No. C8

At Phileo by Lesaffre we are committed to push the boundaries of animal care to better nourish and protect the planet. We believe that yeast and bacteria with advanced fermentation technologies are the future of animal health through nutrition. They are the answers to the challenges of a global demand for animal protein and greater sustainability. We are on the ground, together, to help define new standards in terms of animal nutrition and build a sustainable agri-food future.

Booth No. B10

ZTMT is a dynamic manufacturer specializing in poultry feed processing equipment and complete plants from China. Based on the idea of Low Cost, Low Consumption, High Quality, and High Efficiency, ZTMT has provided large quantities of turnkey projects worldwide, covering 2-120t/h poultry and livestock feed plant, 1-20t/h aqua feed plant, 1-20t/h biomass pellet plant and grain storage silo.

Booth No. E13

The high quality of our chicken coop equipment will come in handy – even in 25 years.

Booth No. B12

The Manufacturer of high quality Egg Crates…

Booth No. E1-E4

Agro Merits Ltd is  a trading company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Our areas of specialization include supply of industrial raw materials for the food and feed industries.

We are in solid business relationship with reputable producers in Denmark, Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Argentina and the United States.

Booth No. E8

Analytical Lab
Microbiology Lab Veterinary Services

Booth No. E11

World Class Piggery Equipment and Solutions for Consistent Performance and Enhanced profit.

Booth No. C6A

Agro Preciso Ltd. is an agro-business company that is committed to providing the best quality services and products in the agribusiness industry. The company was founded with a vision to be a leading provider of quality agro-commodities, agro-logistics, irrigation, training, and agricultural equipment.

Booth No. D1A

At AFEX, we harness Africa’s commodities and talent to build shared wealth and prosperity. Our infrastructure and platform investments work to unlock capital to power a trust economy in Africa’s commodities markets.
Since inception in 2014, we have developed and deployed a viable commodities exchange model for the African market, and are on track to impact one million producers; providing services in productivity and value capture and access to finance and markets.
By deploying an efficient market system, we will facilitate trade with Africa worth over USD500 million in the next five years

Booth No. C17

Pioneering spirit and decisiveness, tradition and progress: the dynamic path from “Deutsche Fischmehl GmbH” to LOHMANN BREEDERS GmbH, the global market leader for layer parent stock.
Which came first – the chicken or the egg? LOHMANN has always and will always focus on both: the chicken and the egg. The success story of layer breeding in Cuxhaven began in 1959.

Booth No. C19

We provide a full range of high-quality, tasty animal protein products to satisfy our growing market. Our products offer great value for money while strictly following global best practices for food processing.

We maintain a high level of organizational excellence in all aspects of our business, from production to distribution, until the products get to our esteemed consumers. Every product is carefully processed and packaged according to the highest global health standards. All our products are NAFDAC and SON certified.

natnudO Foods is growing to provide a diverse range of protein products for all our customers.

Booth No. D12

ViITALAC, a specialised manufacturer of products dedicated to animal health & nutrition and food safety for all actors in the agricultural sector in France and abroad.

Booth No. B10

Lionpro Group is a trading company that offers wide range of products for Animal Feed, Pet Food and Aquaculture. To assure the highest quality and safety we strongly follow the Feed Safety Standards and closely monitor our production. We believe in reliability, precision, fairness and responsibility to
our planet and our partners.
Our primary goal is to support the continent of Africa by providing animal feed ingredients that our clients require. We have a dedicated, experienced and professional team that is aiming towards the quality and the result.

Booth No.E3

We would like to introduce ourself as a manufacturer & exportere of feed plant, Feed Machineries & accomplishing Turnkey projects & spares production for country wide cattle, Poultry and Aqya feed plants as well as in abroad too. The company is established in 1998 and since then, it has been serving to Feed Plants and other engineering and fabricated industries with commitment and perfection. We manufacture and market our product under the brand name of “HINDUSTAN”. The company adheres a strong quality commitment to its product and this has placed its faith in the industry. Today we have our market network in all over India, Nepal, Bangladesh,Italy and Germany. Now a days Hindustan Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is also doing well in Engineering Projects of Oil Industries in India in various places.

Booth No. D2B

Apple & Pears Limited was incorporated in the year 2012 as an Agro-Allied & Food Industry to produce soya meal, concentrate and finished feed for the poultry industry, and refined edible oil, mayonnaise, ketchup, salad cream, vinegar, and custard powder for the Nigerian market.

Booth No. C6a

Jamesway and Chick Master have joined forces to become a powerhouse of incubation technology and knowledge: for hatchery excellence.

Booth No. D12

Positive Action Publications Ltd specialises in two areas: The production of international technical magazines in the food, meat and livestock sectors and the hosting of independent technical conferences in the same sectors.

Booth No. A1

We harness the power of microbes through biotechnology to provide natural, sustainable, effective and profitable solutions to our customers in the livestock industry.

Booth No. A1-A2

We are in the business of providing input and technical support services for poultry, livestock and aquaculture across the federal republic of Nigeria.

Booth No. A5

Bühler has two business pillars: Grains & Food solutions ensure safe and healthy food and feed. Advanced Materials contributes to the production of energy-efficient vehicles and buildings.

Booth No. F15b

Our premix and compound feed recipes are prepared taking into account the latest research and practical results and international recommendations.

Booth No. F20-F21

An accomplished business leader with 29 years’ experience in establishing, managing and reviving Poultry and fish feed business with special skills.

Booth No. C8

…the number one digital platform for farmers

Booth No. F24

Vet-Solution in Nigeria…..

Booth No. B11

The Leading Animal Health and Nutrition in Nigeria…..

Booth No. A2

Advanced Metal Design (AMD) was founded in 2006 as an integrated manufacturing facility that works in heavy sheet metal working, steel structure and heavy machining processes.

Booth No.B10

The Feed Mill Solutions…

Booth No.C21

DSL Pharma is a manufacturer of quality veterinary pharmaceuticals; a division of Diversay Solutions Limited and strategic business partner in the integrated agribusiness value chain of the Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Ltd. and many Nigerian farmers. The company is totally Nigeria-owned and sources raw materials from the best companies in Europe and Asia for the manufacturing, marketing and sales of affordable yet high quality veterinary medical products which are developed through extensive research, experience and expertise of the Nigerian Livestock industry.

Booth No.F20

Is a fully automated premix plant which adapts the latest technologies of buhler & KSE ( Process Technology ).

Which includes sixty nine fully automated dosing bins with a high accuracy which reach…5gm of error.

A Fully qualified Quality control team monitors the manufacturing process step by step, while also adapting a barcode system to ensure maximum accuracy.

Booth No. C1

The Nigeria Agritech B2B Hub…………..

Booth No. B5

At Kachelan Pharma-Research Ltd, our people are focused on using cutting edge technology and R & D to manufacture & distribute products which not only satisfies individual customer’s needs but also sets the stage for pharmaceutical revolution.

Booth No. B8

Yammfy Farms Nigeria Limited is located in Offa, Offa, Kwara. Our company is mainly into Agriculture & Farms,Poultry and offering Eggs

Booth No. C5

The Waste Management Firm..

Booth No. D19

The Nigeria Vet Drug Manufacturer..

Booth No. C8 + C27
United State

For over 40 years, our range of feed enzyme and gut health solutions has helped livestock producers resolve the nutritional and health puzzles at the heart of antibiotic-free and sustainable production.

Booth No. B11

At Proteon Pharmaceuticals, we are shaping the future of farming and advancing animal health through innovative bacteriophage-based solutions. Our portfolio is centered on harnessing the natural power of bacteriophages to tackle global health challenges, such as AMR. Aligned with principles of sustainability, our approach ensures healthier animals, responsible antibiotic usage, and effective disease prevention, all aimed at crafting a more sustainable and harmonious future.

Booth No. C1b


Sunseed Feed & Concentrates is an animal feed store for wholesale and retail supply of top-quality sunseed animal feeds and concentrates.

Booth No. C4

Our more than 120 years of experience with targeted breeding has made our breeding animals the best in the world.

Our goal is a more sustainable pig production and a better bottom line for you as a pig producer. And when you choose our DNA, your business will also benefit from our continuous progress.

Booth No. D8

Hebei New Century Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was​ established in 1998, and​ is​ located​ in​ 189 Taihang Street,Shijiazhuang​​ High​-Tech Industrial Development​ Zone.covers an aera of over 26,000 square meters,with a construction area of 11,000 square meters,​ In​ the​ year​ of​ 2015,​ Eleven​ workshops​ and​ fourteen​ producing​ lines​ received​ the​ GMP​ Certificate.​

The company has advanced production equipment to regulate the production and management,in accordance with the GMP quality standards,and strict monitoring,recording every aspect of the production process,to ensure the stability of the product quality.
All production lines have passed GMP certification,and established a strict quality assurance system,quarlity inspection center is equipped with a gas chromatograph,HPLC,UV spectrophotometer advanced detection equipment,products is strictly controlled from raw materials to finished product.

Booth No. C20

The Leading imported vet. pharma, Equipment and Laboratory Services, Disinfectant, additive, Turn-key Project.

Booth No. C21

The Leading Supplier of Vet drugs based Egypt.

Booth No. E9

The Leading Vet Manufacturer drugs based Nigeria.

Booth No. B4

VET7 was created to fulfill its mission by building the best incubators for you. Thanks to recruiting the best talents; each one of our employees is an expert in this field Therefore, we are able to cover the vast majority of the needs of our clients in the field of hatchery.

Booth No. F15a

The Bábolna Stud Farm, founded in 1789, is considered the origin of modern animal husbandry in Hungary and it also provided an excellent starting point in the mid ‘60s for the TETRA poultry breeding activities. In its name, Bábolna TETRA, kept Bábolna reflecting for the tradition while Tetra stands for the continuously developing and cutting-edge work in genetics.

Booth No. C1, C2, C3 and C4

A diversified high-tech enterprise, engaged in research, production, sales and technical service of
feed machinery, breeding equipment and veterinary preparations.

Booth No. F19

Vetbiochem – an established company in Pune , India – provides the best veterinary pharmaceuticals , feed additives and animal healthcare solutions.

Booth No. A6

Grand Cereals Limited (GCL), a subsidiary of UAC of Nigeria PLC, is an integrated foods company whose primary activity is the creation of superior value from local raw materials to produce and deliver superior quality brands in the animal feed, edible oils, breakfast cereals, pet food and other intermediate and consumer cereals products to Nigeria and West Africa markets.

Booth No. G5

We pioneered the first modern poultry equipment in the world; our system of egg collection, THE NIAGARA, is the system most duplicated by our competitors; we are the first to have conceived, designed and produced, the largest plant in the world with 1 million laying hens in a single shed!

Booth No. D9

Henan Lima Machinery Manufacture CO.,LTD is a professional company in design and research ,manufactory ,sales and service on Feed machinery, such as chicken feed machine, fish feed pellet machine, pet food making machine, livestock feed pellet mill and feed pellet production line, etc.

Booth No. E2

Lagos Business School (LBS) is the graduate business school of Pan-Atlantic University, owned by the Pan-Atlantic University Foundation (PAUF), a non-profit foundation registered in Nigeria.

Booth No. B2 & B11

International Health care’s commitment towards delivering high quality animal healthcare products is at the heart of its existence. IHC has a dedicated R&D team backed with advanced facilities to develop safe, effective and innovative healthcare products for all categories of animals.

Booth No. B3-B10

Based on its roots in 1996, BAFFEED came to life in 2011 with a business model based on quality and reliability. In 2013, it expanded its activities and switched to the production phase. Head Office in Konya, the center where history and culture meet, our company continues its production activities in Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone.

Booth No. F21

In our range of products we have several kind of trailers, truck tanks, mobile mill-mixers, transfer grain trailers,
rear manure spreaders and also different models of filling and extracting screw conveyors.
The entire range of products is designed and manufactured in Italy.

Booth No. D16

Our core values, summarized as VICESI, prioritize value-first solutions, innovation, collaboration, excellence, sustainability, and impact. We continuously innovate using emerging technologies to exceed clients’ expectations, and maintain transparency, integrity, and professionalism in all interactions.

We promote sustainable practices to ensure long-term success for clients and the industry, empowering them with knowledge, skills, and tools to succeed. We measure our success by the positive impact we make on the industry and communities we serve.

Booth No. A6

RIELA has been involved in the development of grain processing equipment since 1972 and is now one of the major suppliers of cleaners, dryers and silo systems with associated conveyor technology, as well as grinding and mixing systems for feed production.

Booth No. B4

ANIMAL HEALTH MATTERS. Turner Wright engages in the manufacture, production, and marketing of all kinds of animal health pharmaceuticals and biologicals.

Booth No. B6

We are comprehensive supplier specializing in integrated animal production and further processing solutions, and with outstanding engineering forces for all technical supports, Griffin & Stettler Ltd can serve you with all kinds of state-of-the-arts turnkey projects starting from layout, equipment procurement, installation, commissioning up to after-sale-service, that will benefit you in time and cost saving and marketability.

Booth No. B7

Priority Poultry Services is located in Iperu Remo, Ikenne, Ogun. Our company is mainly into Agricultural Equipment,Agriculture & Farms,Equipments and offering Poultry Cage, Poultry Feeds

Booth No. C2B

Dutrion can be used anywhere and in all stages of poultry production. Water quality is one of the lowest input costs on the farm with significant impacts. Most of the time a reduction of 0.01 point of feed conversion can pay for Dutrion water treatment up to 3 times.

Profitable livestock production takes a lot of management skills that have a big impact on the technical results. Factors such as health status, barn temperature, ventilation, water quality, and nutrition all play a big role in reaching the animal’s genetic potential and improving the bottom line.

Booth No. E10

The Leading Vet drug Manufacturer in Nigeria

The  NIPOLI EXPO 2024, is a not-to-be-missed event for professionals in the poultry and livestock industry. This expo offers a unique opportunity to showcase the latest innovations, technology, and trends in the sector. 


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