Diverse Visitor Profile.

The Nigeria Poultry and Livestock Expo, NIPOLI EXPO 2024, exhibits a diverse visitor profile encompassing professionals from the poultry and livestock industry. This expo attracts an array of stakeholders, including farmers, veterinarians, agribusiness owners, researchers, investors, government officials, and technology providers.

The primary focus of NIPOLI EXPO 2024 is on providing a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and business opportunities within the sector. Visitors can engage with leading experts who present on topics such as animal health and welfare practices, breeding techniques, feed formulation innovations, disease prevention strategies, and sustainable farming methods.

Professional visitors attending this expo are keen to explore the latest advancements in livestock management systems like automation technologies for feed distribution or waste management solutions. They also value gaining insights into emerging industry trends and discovering new market prospects through interactions with exhibitors representing renowned local and international companies in feed production equipment manufacturers or pharmaceuticals for animal health.

Poultry equipment,
Livestock Feed,
Veterinary Products & Services,
Poultry Turnkey Projects Suppliers,
Poultry Incubators,
Dairy Farming Equipment,
Poultry & Cattle Feed Machinery,
Poultry & other animal Breeders ,
Animal Laboratory & Instruments,
Feed Additives,
Seed Storage Solutions & Silos,
Air Treatment and Ventilation,
Cleaning, Sanitation & Hygiene Solutions, 
Animal Husbandry,
Distributors & Whole seller,
Incubation Systems,
State & Federal Govt. Department,
Fisheries & Aquaculture,
Poultry & Livestock entrepreneurs,
Export Promotion Bodies & Government Departments,
Relevant Educational Institutes & Universities etc.,
Poultry & Livestock Farmers,
and many more