Why Exhibit at The 6th NIPOLI EXPO 2024

Opportunity to gain valuable insights into the Nigerian market.

Exhibiting at the 6th Nigeria Poultry and Livestock Expo (NIPOLI EXPO 2024) provides a unique opportunity for companies in the poultry and livestock industry to showcase their brands to a highly targeted audience.

Nigeria, being one of the largest poultry and livestock markets in West Africa, offers immense potential for growth and expansion. This expo serves as a platform to connect with key stakeholders, including farmers, distributors, manufacturers, and government officials, facilitating valuable networking opportunities.

Moreover, NIPOLI EXPO 2024 aims to deliver insights into the latest trends and technologies in the industry through informative seminars and workshops. By joining this exhibition as an exhibitor, businesses can not only increase brand visibility but also gain access to potential partnerships and collaborations that can drive business growth in this lucrative market. With its professional setup and focused audience base, NIPOLI EXPO 2024 ensures maximum exposure for exhibitors interested in tapping into the Nigerian poultry and livestock sector.


As the premier platform for showcasing cutting-edge technologies, products, and services, NIPOLI EXPO 2024 offers a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with potential partners, investors, and customers


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