Organizer Details

The NIPOLI EXPO Organizers had established a reputation for delivering high-quality and impactful events that bring together industry professionals, thought leaders, and innovators to showcase the latest trends and developments in various sectors. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail have made them a trusted partner for companies looking to connect with their target audience and make a lasting impression in the competitive marketplace. The company's dedication to creating a dynamic and engaging environment for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing sets them apart as a leader in the event management industry.

The Cooman Events Management Services LTD, CEMS NIGERIA, the full potential of your tradeshow experience in Africa. We'd like to handle the complexities while you focus on maximizing your business opportunities and expected results. Let’s discuss your tradeshow requirements and embark on a remarkable journey towards productive experience.

Over the years PROPLE has built up a portfolio of market leading exhibitions and conferences in major industry sectors including water & wastewater, electrical engineering/power, chemical, agriculture, livestock, maternity & baby products etc. PROPLE is a leading exhibition & conference organizer in India having offices in India & Nigeria.